drillingI make and repair bows for violin, viola, cello and bass. My aim is to create bows that are both beautiful and exciting to play. All of my bows are entirely handmade in my East Montpelier, Vermont shop.

I made my first bow in 2000 with Lynn Armour Hannings. I am inspired by the beauty of the materials and the depth of the tradition. Like many makers today, I look to the masters of the 18th and 19th century for context and guidance in my work.

In 2013 I began attending the Violin Society of America Bow Making Workshop at Oberlin College. Through this unique experience I have been very fortunate to learn from some of the finest bowmakers in the world. I owe a great deal to their generosity.

I live and work in Vermont, where I grew up. The hills and forests surrounding my home and shop offer continuous reminders that beautiful lines are rooted in nature. In addition, the creative people that are drawn to Vermont enrich my work and life.


I am very happy with my new bow. It’s tone is so much clearer and crisper than any other and it’s response and complexity is really helping me to play with more finesse…crystal clear, light, subtle and powerful…Thank you very much!

-Jake Brillhart, fiddler and future violin maker

Eben does absolutely fantastic work. He did a bunch of repairs on my Nurnberger bass bow last year that look great and he took time to explain every detail. I just picked up my bow from a rehair – and it’s perhaps the nicest rehair I’ve ever gotten. Great hair, wide, perfect thickness. He took time to remove rust from the screw, oil it and clean the entire bow. He went above and beyond and charged a very reasonable price. Thanks, Eben!

-Evan Premo, double bassist and composer

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